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2021 Asset Management MarTech Stack Report

Synthesis, The Growth Strategy Group and Sondhelm Partners have conducted a research study to learn how investment management companies are architecting their Martech stacks. Our goal was to learn:

  • ​Which marketing technologies make up the investment managers' MarTech stack – CRM, Website CMS, Sales Enablement, Marketing Automation, Content Automation, etc? ​
  • How well is the Martech stack integrated? ​
  • Who drives the decisions about marketing technology purchases? ​
  • How will the stack evolve over the next 2 years? ​

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A few notable findings:

  • CRMs are the most common type of technology in the stack, used by 94% of the asset managers we surveyed. The least common was investment database automation at 6%.
  • Stack maturity is largely driven by firm size - our report shows that boutiques still lag behind in certain areas such as sales enablement, social media engagement, and content automation.
  • Respondents reported that changes to the stack over the next two years will be mostly driven by the need to make operational efficiency improvements.
  • Overall, we found that the Martech stacks at asset management firms are not very well integrated. In fact, 41% of respondents reported their Martech stack is "not very well-integrated".
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